New Directions

Archangel Michael fighting with dragon, engraving of Nazareene School, published in The Holy Bible, St.Vojtech Publishing, Trnava, Slovakia, 1937.I am going to defend the Catholic Church and the true FAITHFUL in a very different way…by calling for cleaning house, draining the swamp in the Catholic Church, shouting from the housetops what was whispered in the darkness! This, current scandal,  has not caused me to doubt my Faith in the Church founded by Jesus Christ himself.

If Jesus founded His Church 2000 years ago what can we expect Our Enemy to do? Surrender? Absolutely not! he has set his sites on the Catholic Church for 2000 years and honed his skills against her every single minuet, of every single hour, of every single day, of every single year, for all of that time. So, should we be surprised? Apparently not. Are we surprised? Yes. But it makes sense that the Devil would win some battles even though we know he will not win in the end.

So, Catholic friends, I hope you won’t get mad at me but here is what Pope St. Gregory said,

“It is better that scandals arise than that the truth be suppressed.” 

And as for Protestant friends I hope you will join us in sorrow for  the seeming triumph of Satan at the moment and for all those children, young men, and seminarians who were abused.

So, for my first post in this change of direction here is a link to the Testimony of Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. I hope every Catholic will read it, if you haven’t already, so you are informed as to what is going on. I have tried posting on Facebook but seems to be getting blocked. So here goes…..

Testimony of Archbishop Vigano, former Nuncio to the USA.


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