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  1. Seriously? And 150 Priests “probably” guilty is a defense??

    Let’s cut to the quick; anything over 1 or two in several thousand Priests – is enough to suggest there is a cultural problem within the Priesthood.

    Bottom line; the Catholic Church created this problem by creating a de facto sanctuary for mentally deranged and tortured Males who are drawn to the very idea of sex with kids.

    There is “NOTHING” in Scripture that either requires or even elevates the concept of a 100% Celibate Priesthood/Pastor/Leader within the the Church of Jesus Christ.

    They abused Paul’s word on the subject and forced what is not natural and this is the result.

    Then they doubled down by not dragging these cretins out into the light of day and charging them with pedophilia/rape!

    Donohue is a shameless apoogist for that which is indefensible!!!

  2. We Catholics are NOT Sola Scriptura because that idea is not in scripture…ANYWHERE! It is so ironic that Protestants criticize the Catholic Church for believing things they cannot find in Scripture and yet the whole idea that only things found in Scripture may be believed (Sola Scriptura)…..IS NOT FOUND IN SACRED SCRIPTURE.

    Celibacy in the priesthood is a gift from God, and a calling from God in imitation of Our Lord Jesus Christ who was celibate. As were Jewish priests for some period of time before offering sacrifice in the Temple.

    Perhaps what people forget is that Our Enemy has been plotting against the Church Jesus founded for 2000 years. And he didn’t just start recently the sacred writers of scripture warned us about it. So it really shouldn’t surprise us. But we know He will triumph in the end. This should be interesting to watch.

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