Martin Luther Had the Right Idea…


Priest: “When I was in seminary an unorthodox professor said, ‘Martin Luther had the right idea, but he left the Church. You can’t change the Church from the outside but from the inside. So we’re not leaving.'”

That explains why they don’t just leave and find a compatible Protestant church or start their own Protestant church. And then I started reading that a Dr. Bella Dodd had testified to the congressional House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) that while she was active in the Communist Party she personally was responsible for recruiting over 1000 atheist/communist/faithless men into the seminaries of the Catholic Church in America. Wow! That sounded pretty authoritative…a congressional testimony! At that time she had left the Communist Party and reverted to the Catholic Church.

I believed this story but I wanted evidence. So I read two complete testimonies of Dr. Dodd to HUAC on two different occasions.

Columbus, Ohio Hearing

Philadelphia Hearing I think I had to get a free month to view this. Then cancelled.

Not one word about seminarians. Her testimony was fascinating but it was all about Communist infiltrating methods into the Teacher’s Unions across America. So, I mentioned this in a comment on one of the blogs where it was claimed that she had recruited seminarians. I was informed it was really in her book, House of Darkness. So I ordered the book from my library. I read the whole thing and you can too, online.

School of Darkness it is the pdf.

Not one word about recruiting seminarians. Then I read that Alice Hildebrand said Dr. Dodd had told her this information and included it in a speech in California but I can’t find any documentation.

I listened to a youtube audio of her  voice warning Americans about Communism, but not one word about recruiting seminarians. At the end of the youtube, without her voice the allegation that she had recruited subversive seminarians scrolled in written form only in silence.

Bella Dodd Fordham University

Therefore, even though i don’t doubt that the Communists would have loved to do this, andmaybe they did, I can find no evidence for it. If you can let me know. If you send me a link to a video please include at what time the evidence is found. i don’t have time to listen to hours and hours of audio/video. Thanks.

Alice Von Hildebrand

“Stalin, soon after he came to power, ordered his cronies to invade Catholic Seminaries.”

Father John O’Connor: Marxist subversion

My bottom line problem with the Dr. Dodd recruitment of Communist/immoral seminarians is: Why weren’t their names reported so they could be removed?

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