A Response to Archbishop Vigano


–>Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet,

This is a bit long but very thought provoking and comforting that perhaps things are not as bad  in the Vatican as recent events seemed to indicate.

2 Responses

  1. When you get posting, you really get going! I can’t keep up with you, but I have seen the titles of your recent posts and without having read them I did want to tell you it’s not as bleak as it appears. The storm always seems dire when you are in the middle of it but once we step back and get perspective it’s not as bad as it looks.

    As far as the child abuse scandals in the US, those are mostly a thing of the past. The reforms of recent years have worked. It’s impossible to zero it out, but it’s way below any statistically measurable amount. What’s in the news is going back 70 years. Now it’s a question of implementing those reforms around the world.

    As to the homosexuality in the priesthood, we do still have to address it, but I cannot believe it is that widespread. Homosexuality in the general population is only 2%. Now if homosexuals were attracted to the priesthood and we had three or four times the percent of the general population enter the priesthood, that still only makes 6-8% of priests gay. My point is that even under the worst conditions, it’s not that widespread. Here the laity – us – has to insist that homosexual acts are clearly not Christian and are a grave sin. The laity has to rise up on this issue.

    Fear not. The news distorts our perception on all this.

    Peace in Christ, my friend.

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