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Last Easter we had 20 theologians, priests and academics issue an open letter to the bishops of the world asking them to do something!  AN OPEN LETTER TO THE BISHOPS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH They then laid out their case and accused Pope Francis of heresy. I read essays by Jimmy Akin of Catholic Answers and Phil Lawler of Catholic Culture who were sympathetic but did not think they proved their accusation of heresy. And then this week I came across Cardinal Burke and others presenting: Declaration of the truths relating to some of the most common errors in the life of the Church of our time 

And then the next day the Vatican issued this document: MALE AND FEMALE HE CREATED THEM

Vatican Issues Document During Pride Month Denying Concept Of Gender Identity

It sure seems like many bishop have taken up the call for the bishops to DO something and are issuing these documents despite the fact that the Pope has not signed them. Then today I found out that Pope Francis recently said on the plane ride back from his trip to Romania,  that since

“there is already Christian unity,” there is no need for the faithful to “wait for the theologians to come to agreement on the Eucharist.”

Some progressive Catholics have considered this to be evidence that the pope may be open to granting full Eucharistic communion to non-Catholics. If that is indeed what Francis meant — what else could he have meant? — then he is forcing the Church to address a series of rather difficult and uncomfortable questions. (What is Pope Francis Saying about  Communion?)

I also stumbled across this new book on Father Z’s blog:

Love for the Papacy and Filial Resistance to the Pope in the History of the Church

I ordered this book. It sounds interesting and I love history anyway. We live in upsetting and interesting times. We know who wins the war never the less we will continue to pray and stand fast in the full armor of God.



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  1. I don’t know why, but you seem to attract people who are so misinformed! I have not experienced this on any other site. I check on you occasionally to see how you are holding up! Wow, are you a teacher? You are so patient. I do not understand why you attract so many people who are working with so little information. Maybe it’s your location? God bless!!

  2. Thank you Patty. I am holding up well. Most Protestants are misinformed by their pastors and teachers. I know I was. I was shocked how supported Catholic doctrines were and how ancient they are. So I had no choice but to follow the Truth and it led me into the Catholic Church. I actually want to attract misinformed Protestants in hope of giving them accurate information.

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