Evolution vs Faith

Q. Do you believe in Noah’s flood?

A. Well, yes. Most if not all primitive civilizations have some sort of flood story. That is historical evidence for the biblical flood, that, despite the differences and distortions they could all be based on a real flood event.

Q. Then you must reject pretty much the entirety of scientific knowledge and instead believe in an old story written by primitive humans and for which there is no evidence.

A. No, I love science but it has its limitations. It cannot scientifically prove Evolution and neither can it falsify a Creator. This is outside the scope of science since creation/evolution is not testable/repeatable. Evolution is based on historical evidence and can never be proven using the scientific method. You seem to have a very low opinion of ancient man as if he was too stupid to report on a great flood. I happen to have a higher view of ancient man and his intelligence.

Q. So you are saying that because of the magnificence of the universe, there must be a god? I don’t buy that argument at all. While it is true that the universe, the Earth, and life are magnificent, they most definitely don’t show much intelligence

A. Based on your last comment I wonder how much science knowledge you have of living organisms versus just being convinced of the story of evolution. The intelligence I am talking about is the evidence that an intelligent being organized the universe & all that is in it. The workings of a “simple” cell is so complex that the probability that it just happened without an intelligent creator is nil. Let alone an eye or the structure of the avian lung and feathers. Did you know that billions of years ago the sun would have been touching the earth?

Q. And they were certainly not created for us. The universe is mind-bogglingly huge, beyond human comprehension, and a very deadly place; how could it have been created for us?

A. Well of course we believe that the deadliness is a result of the Fall of Man. But originally it was all good. Even all 80,000 species of beetles and insects.

Q. Genetics show the common link that joins all life forms on earth to the first primordial cells.

A. Actually, genetics and DNA show NO sign of Evolution from one species into another. I would like to recommend, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis. It is written by an atheist.

Q. You say that the arguments of evolution are no longer convincing, and then you admit to not being a scientist. I can tell you that evolution is well beyond controversy (other than in religious circles), so you should go study it before you deny it. It is in fact one of the most well supported, tested, documented theory in all of science.

A. It is unprovable by scientific methods because it is UNTESTABLE. It is only a Theory. And unlike other theories men who do not believe in God or do not want there to be a God he must obey are motivated to view historical evidence with a bias. Most of what people know as the theory of evolution is nothing but a story made up by scientists. and it completely contradicts a SCIENTIFIC LAW of the UNIVERSE–The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. I prefer to trust my eternal destiny to a scientifically PROVEN Law of the universe than a mere theory. If I am wrong, when I am dead I will just be gone. But if you are wrong then you will live forever but where? Heaven or Hell?

Q. We have the geological record,

A. Did you know that the hypothesized Geological Column is nowhere to be found in all the earth in the correct order?

Q. we have millions of fossils

A. But no real transitions and there should be billions and billions. Even Darwin said that if the transitional forms are not found then his theory would be dead.

Q. we have modern biology, we have genetics showing how all life forms are related

A. And as far a similarities between species–If the Creator came up with something that worked well why not use it over and over. The similarities do not argue for evolution only but also for a single Creator. As I said the DNA has no rhyme or reason related to evolution of species-see Evolution: A Theory in Crisis by Michael Denton

Q. We have actual observations of living species that evolved differently because of their physical isolation, and we have modern species that evolve under our eyes (rats and viruses are perfect examples of natural selection at work).

A. That is NOT Darwinian / macro evolution but micro evolution. And I agree it DOES occur. It has been observed. But changes within species is a far cry from one species changing into another species–like lizards into birds. Micro evolution absolutely DOES NOT PROVE Darwinian Evolution. That would be a leap of faith far greater than belief in the Christian God.

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The Fourth Effect of Faith

Q. What is the Fourth Effect of Faith according to St. Thomas Aquinas?

A. The fourth effect of faith is that by it we overcome temptations:

“The holy ones by faith conquered kingdoms.” Hebrews 11:33

We know that every temptation is either from the world or the flesh or the devil The devil would have us disobey God and not be subject to Him. This is removed by faith, since through it we know that He is the Lord of all things and must therefore be obeyed.

Your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, goes about seeking who he may devour. Resist him strong in your faith.” I Peter 5:8

The world tempts us either by attaching us to it in prosperity or by filling us with fear of adversity. But faith overcomes this in that we believe in a life to come beter than this one, and hence we despise the riches of this world and we are not terrified in the face of adversity.

“This is the victory which overcoms the world: our faith.” I John 5:4

The flesh, however tempts us by attracting us to swiftly passing pleasures of this present life. But faith shows us that, if we cling to these things inordiately, we shall lose eternal joys.

In all thing taking the shield of faith.” Ephesians 6:16

We see from this that it is very necessary to have faith.

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St Thomas Aquinas- Third Effect of Faith

Q. What is the third effect of Faith?

A. The third good that comes from faith is that right direction which it gives to our present life. Now, in order that one live a good life, it is necessary that he know what is necessary to live rightly; and if he depends for all this required knowledge, on his own efforts alone, either he will never attain such knowledge, or if so, only after a long time. But faith teaches us all that is necessary to live a good life. It teaches us that there is one God who is the rewarder of this one, and other like truths whereby we are attracted to live rightly and to avoid what is evil.

“The just man liveth by faith.” Habbakuk 2:4

This is evident in that no one of the philosophers before the coming of Christ could, through his own powers know God and the means necessary for salvation as well as any old woman since Chrits’s coming know Him through faith. And, therefore, it is said in Isaiah that

“the earth is filled with the knowledge of the Lord.” Isaiah 11:9

-St. Thomas Aquinas

Lent 1272

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The Second Effect of Faith

Q. What is the second effect of faith?

A. The second effect of faith is that eternal life is already begun in us; for eternal life is nothing else than knowing God. This the Lord announced when He said:

“This is eternal life, that they may know Thee, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom Thou has sent.” John 17:3

This knowledge of God Begins here through faith, but it is perfected in the future life when we shall know God as He is. Therefore, St. Paul says:

“Faith is the substance of things to be hoped for.” Hebrews 11:1

No one then can arrive at perfect happiness of Heaven, which is the true knowledge of God unless first he knows God through faith.

“Blessed are they that have not seen and have believed.” John 20:29

St Thomas Aquinas

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What is the first effect of faith?

Q. What is the first effect of faith?

A. The first effect of faith is that through faith the soul is united to God, and by it there is between the soul and God a union akin to marriage. When a man is baptized the first question that is asked him or the godparents is “Do you believe in God?” This is because Baptism is the first Sacrament of faith. Hence, the Lord said:

“He that believes and is baptized shall be saved.” Mk 16:16

Baptism without faith is of no value. Indeed, it must be known that no one is acceptable before God unless he has faith.

“Without faith it is impossible to please God. ” Hebrew 11:6

St. Augustine explains these words of St. Paul, “All that is not of faith is sin.” In this way: “Where there is no knowledge of the eternal and unchanging Truth, virtue, even in the midst of the best moral life is false.”

-St. Thomas Aquinas Lent 1272

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