The Great Global Warming SWINDLEe

A year ago BBC’s Great Global Warming Swindle was available all over the net. For some reason the links to these keep changing and becoming “No longer available”

This is the third time I have changed the link and it keeps getting harder to find it. I thought originally that they wanted to sell the DVD instead of having it available on the internet. But there doesn’t seem to be much availablitliy of that either.

So, as of May 2008, Here is the link to this movie click HERE. If the film is no longer available, try googling it b/c someone keeps getting this film removed. I have had to change the link four times. But you can usually find it somewhere……

How Can a Good God allow deformed Children?

God is certainly good. He gave humanity free will and they abused their freedom by disobedience to the Law of God. This caused the fall of man and nature. From this disharmony, evil (absence of good) was introduced. Evil is permitted, because without evil being a real possibility people would not have real freedom. Childhood deformity, diseases, and all kinds of disabilities are a result of the disharmony of nature caused by Man’s fall. But, God knows that He can draw greater good from all kinds of suffering in the end.

In His wisdom God may permit a child to be born deformed who with health and strength would fling itself into the pleasures of sin and end up in eternal loss. Would it not be a mercy for some, apparently sane people, to have been born with great defects in order to save them from Hell? People, whether mentally or bodily deformed, do not spend the whole of their lives in misery and suffering. They too can experience joy and love, laughter and compassion. Likewise, we must remember that our souls are eternal, and all will be rectified either in this life or the next.

Again, an intellectually or psychologically damaged child/adult cannot sin, and so what appears to us as a life not worth living will, after a mere 80 years or so, yield to the joy of eternal happiness in Heaven. These days we have convinced ourselves that the merciful thing to do is to snuff out the lives of helpless human beings through abortion/euthanasia. But, in the process we can send ourselves to Hell by committing this grave sin.

We might say, “If God be good, why did He allow His Son to go through excruciating torture?” Sin is the real evil, not suffering. Earthly suffering will only last as long as this life. But, SIN is capable of landing a person in Hell where suffering will be longer than an earthly life. The suffering of Hell will last eternally.

The miseries of this world have driven thousands into the loving arms of God. So, if only for this reason we can discern an indication of God’s goodness in allowing suffering in order to give eternal life in Heaven with Him.

A baby born without eyes grows up. Click HERE

A child born without the ability to walk is overjoyed when carried on Dad’s shoulders in a local race. So Dad begins to enter races carrying his son. Then he moves on to Triatholons. See video HERE. See story HERE

Global Warming & The Copenhagen Consensus

Global Warming & The Copenhagen Consensus

For a 16 minute explanation of why it makes more sense to spend our money on world problems other than global warming see HERE.

Where Is The Justice of God?

Q. Where is the justice of God, in permittinng such an uneven distribution of goods in this world?

A. A satisfactory explanation would not be possible if this life on Earth was all there was or ever would be. But it is not. The soul is eternal. God permits these things only because He knows that there is a future life where He will rectify and compensate all inequalities. In the meantime He draws good out of these miseries, for they teach men no to set their hopes entirely upon this world as if there were no other, and help to expiate the sins of mankind. If we cannot be entirely hppy here , let us at least make sure of being happy in the next life. Radio Replies Vol. 1 #14