Priest Scandal & Dangers of Confession

Q. After the recent church scandals, the priests should stay away from our children. Multi-generational epidemics of sanctioned and church protected pedophilia proves religion and children should not mix. The church should stay out of our bedrooms and work on correcting their own dysfunctional sexual urges. How can anyone allow children to go to confession with a priest?

A. I too am outraged by the abuse of authority exercised by our disordered priests who succumbed to EVIL. From what I have heard, these priests may have used the confessional as an opportunity to indulge their disordered lusts. Others may have used the confessions to pinpoint who might be susceptible to their overtures. Others simply abused trust. Sacrilege! Abominable! I really can’t think of words to express my indignation at the desecration of this beautiful sacrament instituted by Christ. And the spiritual and moral mutilation visited upon these trusting young people and their families.

However, we must remember that by far the majority of priests have been perfectly honorable, noble, and chaste. I have to admit that I am surprised by the prejudice of your comment. We would never lump all black people together and call them all criminal because some are, so that black people and “children should not mix.” Or lumping all Germans into the category of genocidal maniacs because Hitler and his people tried to exterminate the Jews sixty years ago, so therefore all Germans should be forbidden to have any access to Jewish people. This response to the priest scandal is not fair minded. Children have been sexually molested by their teachers. Should we ban all adults from teaching school? Of course this is absurd. Why does it only seem good and right to discriminate against priests?

The answer is because this is the influence of Our Enemy. We must remember that this life is all about where each soul will spend eternity. Our Enemy can kill the lives of many more souls by aiming his big guns at bishops and priests rather than your average men on the street. These priests will have to answer to God for their crimes but please, remember they may very well have undergone much more temptation focused upon them by the Enemy. Still they should have been prepared for these attacks and resisted unto death….but many failed. What we don’t know is how many priests have persevered and persevered to the end against these exact same temptations.

One correction is needed here. This was not an epidemic of pedophilia. In nearly every case these victims were adolescent boys. So, it was actually an epidemic of homosexual abuse of boys. But the press wants very much to attack the church but avoid putting homosexuality in a bad light. It found a way to this. Nearly every report characterized the priest scandal as a pedophile problem when in reallity it is a homosexual problem. And still, five years later, when it is clear that the majority of victims were boys, the homosexual roots of the abuse are being covered up in the media. And even though this is true, I still do not believe that all homosexuals molest boys.

And finally, we also need to remember that the Christian religion is all about love and forgiveness. Otherwise, we suffer with the bitterness of unforgiveness. We also need to remember that Our Father loves these priests just as much as anyone else. And just like a any good father He will discipline these men through the civil government and/or Purgatory if they are repentant or Hell if they are not repentant.