The Church Should Have Priestesses…er…Womenpriests

Q. To quote Bob Dylan,“The Times They Are A Changing.”And it matters not if the official postion is based on fiction or perception. Today, a women almost anywhere, can become the President of a nation. Ordain her or lose her is the only viable option.

A.The Christian Faith, Catholic or Protestant is NOT about “keeping up with the times” or being hip, cool, up to date, or modern. The only thing it IS about is: TRUTH. And it is the most important TRUTH because the purpose of the Christian Faith is to show mankind how to live this life in friendship with the God of the Universe and thereby live with HIM in eternity rather than live a life of self-centeredness and rebellion and end up in HELL.

The path to Heaven is unchanging and so is the Church. The directions are perfectly clear and just plain perfect. No need to fix what is not broken.

If women leave the Church because they can’t be priestesses, then it is their loss, not the Church’s loss. This proves my point. Women who want to be priestessess are thinking more about themselves than how to get to Heaven. They are thinking more about themselves and their agendas than how to please their Lord. They are thinking more about power or honors in this life rather than gaining honor in the next.

What I find very amusing is that the highest honor bestowed on a human being in the Catholic Church is being recognized as a SAINT. This goal open to men and to women, equally. So, why do women want to be priestesses when they could be a Saint? Why not go for the gold?

Archbishop Raymond Burke

J.C Corcoran Here commented on Fox News in St. Louis, Mo. No doubt this was occasioned by the recent excommunication announcement of the two women who attempted to be ordained to the Catholic Priesthood by a female who thinks she is a Catholic bishop, in the diocese of His Reverence Archbishop Raymond Burke. The excommunication of the women was automatic. The Archbishop had warned the women they would incur excommunication but they did not care and went forward anyway. The announcement to the diocese was in order to inform the faithful that this was not acceptable and the penalty involved.

I wrote the station and am posting my email below because I think you will be encouraged by the information about the movement afoot in the youth of the Catholic Church, even in extremely liberal California.

Dear Editor or Whom it may concern,

No, doubt Mr. Corcoran thrilled the hearts of those who disagree or hate the Catholic Church. However, he has unwittingly made of fool of himself because he does not really know the facts or refuses to believe them. Surrounded and exposed to modern media propaganda regarding the Catholic Church he is convinced he does know and understand the facts. But that very media he trusts, as well as, perhaps, his parish church, has filtered information to him in such a way that he has discredited himself while thinking that he is fully informed, when he is not fully informed. Let me give you a glimpse of what is really going on in the Catholic Church.

I take the youth from our Catholic Church to a summer conference for youth that teaches in union with all that the Catholic Faith teaches. During exposition of the Blessed Sacrament I saw 5000 teens drop to their knees in adoration, without being told to do so.

The next day, the diocesan Vocations Director and Bishop asked for all the young men to stand up who had ever even considered the priesthood. They stood up. I saw several stand around me. Then they asked for them to come down to the stage area. Down they went.
THERE WAS NO EMOTIONAL APPEAL. The request was as simple as I have stated.

As I watched the aisle near me, to my surprise, they kept coming and coming. I then looked around the rest of the stadium. Every aisle was filled with young men! …hundreds of them! I could not believe my eyes! As soon as everyone began to realize the enormity of the response, the whole stadium full of teens jumped to their feet and clapped and cheered as loudly and longer than any cheer for a touchdown! The area in front of the stage was packed with these young men. The bishop blessed and prayed for them.

It moved me to tears. The vocations crisis is over I thought to myself. Now, I know perfectly well that all of those young men will not end up entering the priesthood. But, hundreds are taking their faith seriously and considering it. And they were confirmed and wildly applauded by… THEIR PEERS!!!

This scene was repeated for the girls who were open to the religious life…exactly… aisles filled and streaming down to the stage, standing ovation, and prolonged cheering.

And this occurred in just one conference in Southern California, of all places. These conferences are put on all summer all over the country. Can you imagine? If this is the response of faithful teens in Southern California, where the Catholic Faith has been systematically disfigured by many in authority, what is going on in more faithful dioceses all over the world???!!!

In fact, one of the girls at this event is now 19. She graduated from college at 18 and is planning to enter the convent of the Dominican Sisters of Nashville, TN January 1, 2008!

And, there are 5 boys in my parish seriously considering the priesthood. Yes, this is in So. California. The youth are embracing the ancient, orthodox truths and liturgy of the Catholic Church and rebelling against the silly, watered down, new age, liberal, rebellions against the Pope.

May God open your hearts to the Truth

Why Can’t Women be Catholic Priests? Part 2

Q. Why won’t the Catholic Church ordain women to the priesthood?

A. There is no precedent for it. Jesus never ordained a woman to the priesthood. He chose all males as His apostles-the first Christian priests. This choice was not about men being superior to women. It was not about Jesus being afraid to buck the culture. He did it all the time. If Jesus wanted His Church to have priestesses, who better to be the first, than His holy and immaculate mother?

But, no, Jesus chose men. And, only men have been ordained to the priesthood in both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. Pope John Paul II infallibly settled the question in a short and to the point, two page encyclical Ordinatio Sacerdotalis in 1994.

“…in order that all doubt may be removed regarding a matter of great importance… in virtue of my ministry of confirming the brethren. I declare that the Church has no authority whatsoever, to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful.”

You can read more about male typology and the Catholic Priesthood …Why Can’t Wome be Priests Part 1 Here

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Why Can’t Women be Catholic Priests?

Q. Why can’t women be Catholic Priestesses?

A. Jesus’ choice to be born male was not accidental or arbitrary. First of all, in the sacrificial system of Israel the Sin Offering and the Passover Lamb were always perfect MALES. Other offerings could be either male or female but not the Passover Lamb or the Sin Offering. Therefore, since, the sacrifice of Jesus Christ fulfills all the sacrifices, but most especially the Sin offering and the Passover lamb HE was incarnated as a MAN. And, of course, God chose this pattern of male sacrificial animals in the OT in foreknowledge of the sacrifice of His Son.

Also, the people of God, both Israel and the Church, have always been imaged in sacred scripture as a Bride with God as the Bridegroom (Is 62:5 and Rev. 21:9). In the Catholic faith the priest acts in persona Christi (in the person of Christ) as Jesus celebrates the sacraments for His bride, the Church, through the actions of the male priest. The Church, as bride, is in a spousal relationship with Christ the bridegroom. This beautiful image culminates in the wedding feast of the Lamb at the end of time. This typology of the spousal relationship is fittingly imaged by the male priest. Priestesses or womenpriests would project another typology altogether but it would not be Holy Matrimony.

Q. Aren’t women second-class citizens in the Catholic Church?

A. Absolutely not. The most revered status in the Catholic Church is open to both men and women. Contrary to popular opinion the Pope, although highly honored is exceeded in honor by the Saints and the Doctors of the Church. There are hundreds of female saints. And, out of 33 Doctors of the Church, three are women. Also, the most highly honored human person (excluding Jesus) in the history of the Church is a woman, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

You can read more about the Priesthood…Here

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