Weren’t the First Christians Gnostic?

I thought the Catholic Church was started in the 4th or 5th century?

No Jesus started the Catholic Church in Mt. 16 when He said to Simon, “You are rock and on this rock I will build my Church”
And it was called the Catholic Church in 110A.D. See post Are Catholics Christian?

Also, were the first followers of Jesus called Gnostic Christians with a completely different look at Christianity then what the Catholic view is?

Absolutely not. The Gnostics have the distinction of being, not the first followers of Christ but the first HERETICS! In fact, they were such early heretics that St. John refutes some of their beliefs in his first epistle. The first followers were Jewish. The first Christians were Catholic.

The one thing i have never understood in Christianity is infant baptizing?

Infant baptism is implied when “whole households” are baptized in Acts. And it corresponds to OT infant circumcision as the rite of initiation into the People of God. See Infant Baptism

It was a Pagan tradition and was first implemented into Christianity by the first Roman Catholics aka ex pagans.

The pagans do many things. They marry. Does this make marriage pagan? The wedding ring was of pagan origin. Does this make everyone who wears a wedding ring a pagan? Of course not. Christian Missionaries adapt certain pagan things to have a Christian meaning. The Jews baptized. John the Baptist, baptized. Jesus told his disciples to baptize in the Name of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit. Mt. 28. So, if baptism is good enough for Christ it is good enough for the Catholic Church.

More than enough evidence has shown that Religious Pagan traditions are much alike Christian traditions, just with different dates and names. Anybody know why this is?

All religions have some similarities to each other. They are differentiated by their doctrine, beliefs and the meaning of the rituals. The similarities prove nothing.

As a Protestant, i wonder why our Holy Bible was written so many times and in some cases differ from one another greatly. Who is right and who is wrong, and who is to say which is right and what is wrong? I beleive Only GOD can judge.

Aside from the fact that Martin Luther removed 7 books from the OT there is not that much difference between the Catholic Bibles and the Protestant Bibles. There is more than enough to keep you occupied just starting with one of these. Waiting for God to judge is just a smokescreen for procrastinating a life of faith and obedience.

So how do i know that i am not being deceived by man? The reason i say deceived by man is because we have some very different views in different bibles.How do i know Jesus’s words were not changed and or our view of him being the Son of GOD?

Look into the writings of the Early Church Fathers to see what they knew and believed as Christians. You can find them on the internet. You will find that their beliefs correspond to Catholic beliefs and NOT Protestant beliefs. That is precisely why I converted to the Catholic Church.

There is much evidence that the Gnostics never worshipped him in the way we do today.

This is True. As I said above they were heretics.

Am i just reading a bunch of phony bologny, or do other Christians ever research and think about these things too?

Yes, other Christians do research these things. When I finally realized that I needed to hear from Catholic, who knew their faith, what the Catholic Church believed and not listen only to Protestants tell me what the Catholic Church believed, I was amazed at the beauty cohesion of the Catholic Faith and Scripture. You need faith. Ask God to lead you to the Truth if you are willing to follow it no matter where it leads. There are a lot of lies about the Catholic Church out there and Christianity too. So, you may very well be reading phony bologna.