Purgatory and The Wedding Feast of the Lamb

I am posting the following comment I received from a reader on
another post regarding Purgatory. I found it very interesting.

What a blessing purgatory is. God in His mercy provided a place where we can
“work out” our salvation with “fear and trembling” without the distractions of
earthly life. It can be hard to live holy in this corrupt world. How wonderful
that God can finish what He started away from here.

It’s hard in our culture to understand the Middle Eastern wedding feast. When
guests arrived they were covered in dirt from the journey. They accepted the
invitation and arrived at the appointed place, but were in no condition to
celebrate. What did the master of the feast do? He provided a place for arriving
guests to bathe. He provided a wedding garment for the guests. And, as we know
from the parable Jesus told, anyone found at the feast NOT cleaned up and
wearing the wedding garment was kicked out.